Delegation is Crucial for Small Business Owners

Last month we focused on the concept of delegation, why it is so important to delegate, and why it can be
so difficult to delegate. This article continues the discussion of Delegation, an important management tactic.

How should you use delegation?

You should delegate tasks that:

  • Are repeated
  • Are non-essential
  • Don’t have short deadlines
  • Can be better accomplished by someone else

Remember not to delegate tasks that are a mismatch for your employees’ skill sets and to always handle
work that is confidential to the company.

To whom should you delegate?

The key to deciding to delegate to whom is done through matching the
right task to the appropriate person. Learn the current workload, skills and work style of your employees
and you’ll then have a much clearer picture of what tasks to allocate to whom. Look for employees who are
interested in learning new skills or who want to enhance the skills they already possess. Delegation is also
an excellent way to prepare an employee for a promotion or to fill in gaps in his/her current skill set.

How should you delegate?

Good delegation requires time and commitment from you. The first step is to
clearly define the tasks you’re delegating and communicate them to your employees. Be sure to state why the
task needs to be done, the desired outcome and the timeline in which it needs to be completed. Remember
to allow different methods and working styles for the task. After all, you’re handing over the responsibility, so
you cannot expect an employee to do the task the exact same way you would have done it yourself.

Delegation, when carried out correctly, will give you the room you need to concentrate on growing your
business. It’ll also develop your team’s skills and engage them more in your business. As a leader, your time
needs to be spent in high-level, strategic tasks, and not in low-level details. You’ll be hobbling your own
business if you don’t delegate! Contact us if you need to delegate any of your financial tasks to us!